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Be Humble..

“In all you do, be humble. Learn to take criticism with the same enthusiasm you take praise. Share your successes with others, so they may also succeed. Never forget that the road to said success is paved with people who helped you get there. Be unique. Be thankful. But most importantly, be humble.” JP  

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Action is…….

“Action is character. If we never did anything, we wouldn’t be anybody!” ST

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Persistence and Perseverance!

Demonstrating exceptional persistence and perseverance can open doors to success; make sure you take an in-depth look inside yourself and what you’re made of!!! Nathan knew what he was made of!!! He went fishing and was the only one in the group who caught a fish! Isn’t that why you go fishing? It was a good day! Grandpa Jim was proud! OE

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Opportunities through Challenges!

I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge and too often when we are faced with change in our lives we aren’t willing to go forward. We spend so much time looking back and regretting decisions made or choices we never made, we fail to embrace new opportunities or search for something better: A New Beginning. Although we often spend our time reflecting on the past, the uncertainties of the future should be our driving force. Our past successes and failures can form our outlook on life, but […]

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11 Keys to Define Success:

Success might mean, but is not limited to: a level of social status, achievement of an objective/goal, the opposite of failure! 1. Confidence: an unshakable belief in oneself based on a realistic understanding of one’s circumstances; a trait that most people admire in others and strive to acquire themselves. 2. Curiosity: being eager to know and learn; always showing interest and giving special attention to the less obvious; always being the person who says, “I want to know more about . . . .” 3. Decisiveness: arriving at a final […]

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