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How American Teens Communicate

A recent survey of American high school and college students revealed that few teens would revert to landlines, letters, or even talking, if social media went away. From the mouths of our future leaders, here are some surprising statistics on communication in the modern world. In the infographic below, AWeber Email Marketing shows how high school and college students use technology throughout the day. It should come as no surprise that 90 percent of teenagers are on Facebook, or even that 93 percent use mobile phones. But the results showed that […]

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The High School to College Transition

The transition that one goes through from School to college life comes with a mixed bag of emotions. In school you are just too pre-occupied with how to break the rules and become cool among your friends, sleeping in the classes, just freaking out at the thought of holidays and of course the classes, tests, studying just the day before the exams. It was just like a second home and one would just wish that they remain and enjoy there their whole life that was school life. But then the […]

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Where can I find Scholarships?

High School Guidance Counselors – Counselor should be able to provide you with information regarding many scholarships. In addition to national scholarships, be sure to ask about local scholarship opportunities that may have a much smaller applicant pool. College or University – Research the college’s website/catalog and financial aid office for information regarding scholarships they offer. A school may award these automatically when you are admitted or you may have to apply separately. Make sure you also contact them to ensure you are award of scholarships that may not be […]

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