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Always Strive….

“You should always strive to be your own fiercest competitor. While it may feel good in certain occasions to outdo someone else, it doesn’t compare to the feeling of knowing you outdid yourself!” JP

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Be Humble..

“In all you do, be humble. Learn to take criticism with the same enthusiasm you take praise. Share your successes with others, so they may also succeed. Never forget that the road to said success is paved with people who helped you get there. Be unique. Be thankful. But most importantly, be humble.” JP  

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Essential Leadership through Diversity

True leadership means having the ability to go outside of what is comfortable to you and building a strong relationship with those you lead. As a leader you must engage in meaningful conversations and encourage everyone to create and put into practice their talents. Everyone has something to offer, but it’s rarely offered because they may lack courage, drive or an opportunity. A big mistake leaders often make is not allowing those they lead to enhance their own leadership skills. Leadership is not about controlling followers. Leadership is about providing […]

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