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Be Humble..

“In all you do, be humble. Learn to take criticism with the same enthusiasm you take praise. Share your successes with others, so they may also succeed. Never forget that the road to said success is paved with people who helped you get there. Be unique. Be thankful. But most importantly, be humble.” JP  

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Images of Appreciation!

Remembering the past exploits of our war heroes is unpleasant because it’s attached to a past or present war, but we belittle those who served and sacrifices so much when we don’t remember, especially those who are serving us so unselfishly now. America’s attention span is sometimes short and often takes for granted the very things we should cherish most; Our Freedom! My friend Alan posted a picture of his grandfather who served in World War II and I was quickly reminded of the impact war had on my family. […]

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It’s All In The Laughter!

If you have a positive attitude and a great sense of humor, you will be able to laugh at something or someone every day. It may be a joke someone shares. A simple e-mail or phone call. Maybe even talking to someone and reflecting on past experiences. Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself or at others. If you pay close attention there will be something to laugh about.  Make sure you take the time to laugh and laugh often. It’s great taking to family and friends, but realize if you complain too much, […]

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Passion is a Choice!

Passion and a personal connection with an audience are the two main things that make a leader great. Sometimes passion can be seen as intimidating, but it’s also passion that makes people listen to what you have to say. Anyone who is passionate about their work always contributes their best in performing their job. They understand perfection is unattainable in most things, but they continue to strive to try and perfect everything they are involved in. Passionate people put extra care in everything they do and they are never satisfied […]

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