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Giving Student’s A Voice

The recently-launched site ScholarshipProz provides students with a platform to make their needs known and turn their education into a family, friend and community event, says vice president of marketing, Orlando Espinosa. “We call ours ‘cause-funding’ because there’s a specific cause–we want to make sure our students have an opportunity to let their voices be heard,” he says. Espinosa explains the purpose of ScholarshipProz is to help students cover gaps in their abilities to pay their college expenses rather than relying on funds for a full-ride. Students are in charge […]

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Successful Students

Successful students persist. They focus on the task and complete it successfully. They know how to proceed when they get stuck. Successful students manage impulsivity. They control themselves and act thoughtfully and deliberately in any situation. Successful students listen with understanding and empathy. They devote their mental attention to others and are able to build rapport easily and quickly. They can identify with another’s point of view while keeping their own. Successful students think flexibly. They are able to view a situation from many perspectives, and their minds are open […]

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