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The Prepared Mind of a Leader : Eight Skills Leaders Use to Innovate, Make Decisions, and Solve Problems

Bill Welter and Jean Egmon Description and ReviewsFrom The Publisher: In today’s complex business climate, people—no matter what their role in the organization—need to make informed decisions and learn how to think flexibly. A leader’s most important asset is the ability to anticipate changes in the environment and adapt to them quickly. The Prepared Mind of a Leader presents an original and effective way to think more flexibly about innovation, strategy, change, and problem solving. Throughout the book, the authors include triggers for exploring how these ideas apply to an […]

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Leadership Smarts

Ken Blanchard’s best-selling books have helped millions of people enhanced their leadership and management skills, as well as the quality of their personal life! “Leadership Smarts,” provided leadership principals and powerful advice with practical every day insight in order to enhance leadership skills and increase personal integrity. This book provides advice on: How to aim for excellence? How to maintain integrity? Finding the courage to change! How you can help others reach their full potential? Practical every day advice! Dr. Ken Blanchard is a best-selling author and extremely cherished business […]

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