Question by kevin h: Education?
“Education is simply learning the language of the sheep”
what is your opinion of this statement?
by Education i am referring to the school/college curriculum

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Answer by lillain m
i odnt liike it i think education is very important

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3 Comments to “Education?”

  1. Stay away from the sheep you creep. “Baa” means no!

  2. Judging by some of the crap that I read on here, the learning of the language of the sheep is not going too well.

    There has to be some consistency in what is taught at schools, hence the need for a curriculum, at least in the absolute basics.

    Those that say that basic spelling and mathematics are unimportant will be the first to moan when their unemployment cheque is screwed up by some moron who struggles to read or write.

  3. read john henry newmans discourses on education and liberal arts and universities

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