Giving Student’s A Voice

The recently-launched site ScholarshipProz provides students with a platform to make their needs known and turn their education into a family, friend and community Student-Voice Education through Leadershipevent, says vice president of marketing, Orlando Espinosa.

“We call ours ‘cause-funding’ because there’s a specific cause–we want to make sure our students have an opportunity to let their voices be heard,” he says.

Espinosa explains the purpose of ScholarshipProz is to help students cover gaps in their abilities to pay their college expenses rather than relying on funds for a full-ride.

Students are in charge of their own fundraising efforts through social media campaigns and approaching local businesses and members of the community.

“We don’t want them to just create an account, we want them to be interactive and be their own spokesperson,” he says. “What we’re seeing right now with social media is that there are so many students out there who are creative in their promotion of everything and anything—the more creative you are and the more that you push your cause, the more information is going to be out there for people to make the decision on whether to help you.”

Families and students interested in crowd-funding to pay for school should research any site fees and consult a tax professional about owing taxes on any donations received.

Source Fox Business News

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