How American Teens Communicate

A recent survey of American high school and college students revealed that few teens would revert to landlines, letters, or even talking, if social media went away. From the mouths of our future leaders, here are some surprising statistics on communication in the modern world.

In the infographic below, AWeber Email Marketing shows how high school and college students use technology throughout the day. It should come as no surprise that 90 percent of teenagers are on Facebook, or even that 93 percent use mobile phones. But the results showed that email is still just as popular as social media.

Students check their Gmail during class, unwind after school with YouTube, hop on Skype at night, and use their mobile phones throughout the day to message their friends. Lunchtime was the only time when 96 percent of teenagers just sat down and talked to each other face-to-face.

Online communication is an increasingly integral part of American life, the survey found. If their favorite network went away, 43 percent of teenagers said they would just wait for the next one to come out. Only 6 percent would resort to old-timey forms of communication like letters and landlines — far fewer than the 18 percent who said they would just stop communicating entirely.  (They don’t mean it; they just know it’s probably not going to happen, anyway.) See more statistics below.

ETL Teens_infographic1

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