Question by someguy: leadership?
what r some examples of leadership activities that i could do in my community?

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Answer by amber
bottle drive for the homeless, for needy kids (without coats)

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  1. Find out where your expertise is needed most and then offer them your services.

  2. eh.. why not figure out how much the masons are into politics..
    school, churches, gov, media.. you’d be amazed.
    then pick somethin that they’re working on.

  3. Lead a volunteer project in your local community. I lead a library tutoring project, a volunteer project at the local children’s shelter, and projects leading youth volunteers at a local museum. Your local volunteer center can help connect you with volunteer leadership opportunities.


    The volunteer center provided me with another great opportunity to serve on their Board of Directors, and matches people with different board opportunities throughout the area.

    Good luck!

  4. An excellent leadership activity for your community, or for any community, really, is to help increase awareness of global overpopulation and the horrible problems caused by it. VHEMT is one of the best, most informative non-profit groups out there regarding this cause, but there are many, many others.

    There are now six and a half BILLION people on the planet, sucking it dry, polluting it, consuming all the resources, and destroying any chance for future generations. We have to reduce the size of our population, we have to stop this tragically accelerating birthrate, and we have to help people get over their selfish ideas about family, childbirth and “legacies”, because at the rate we’re going, there isn’t going to be any legacy for anyone.

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