More than $141 Million to State Education Agencies

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by rich_w

The U.S. Department of Education Awards More than 1 Million to State Education Agencies

October 2010 is grant month at the Department of Education; or so it would seem. The USDE has shelled out another 0 million plus to state education agencies in hopes of improving college access, including expanded online programs. The funding comes from the Department’s College Access Challenge Program and has been dispersed amongst the 50 states as well as 5 territories, the District of Columbia and the Republic of Palau.

The program hopes to increase access to post-secondary education for all students, but specifically low-income students. Grant recipients may use the award money for a number of different services and activities. Some of these include:

“Providing information to students and families on post-secondary education benefits, opportunities, planning and career preparation, financing options, financial literacy and debt management.”
“Implementing professional development for guidance counselors at middle and secondary schools, and financial aid administrators and college admissions counselors at institutions of higher education, to improve such individuals’ capacity to assist students and parents.”
“Offering need-based aid to students and repayment or cancellation of student loans, or lowering of interest rates for borrowers who are employed in a high-need geographical area or a high need profession.”

President Obama and the USDE appear to be doing their part to ensure that students have access to education and the means to receive a certificate or diploma. Now is the time to do your part; take advantage of the funding funneling into post-secondary education institutions nationwide; pursue an online degree at an accredited online school or enroll at a local ground school. There’s no better time to earn your degree!

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