Public Speaking – From Speaking Zero to Speaking Hero

Wish to improve your public speaking skills? Learn to be both comfortable and effective at public speaking.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 Comments to “Public Speaking – From Speaking Zero to Speaking Hero”

  1. I know this is a great piece of writing and scripting to put this greatness together.

  2. Video is very helpful!
    ~Dr. David Lovejoy

  3. 1:13
    I like his stance as it fades to white.

  4. kooll

  5. @MIGsCT Yeah, type in “killer presentation skills”

  6. JD has done a brilliant job here. Brilliant. If anyone wants to know then there are also some great tips on publicspeakingformula[dot].com

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  8. I love that he focuses on one individual. That would change how I speak for sure.

  9. LOL the subtitles >.>

  10. He is good. Most are rubbish. And I am a speaking trainer.

  11. The point that JD makes about using pauses to allow your audience to absorb what you have already said was priceless — I’m going to start doing that!

    – Dr. Jim Anderson
    Blue Elephant Consulting
    Your Source For Real World Public Speaking Skills™
    Facebook: goo[dot]gl/kmsg
    Web: BlueElephantConsulting[dot]com

  12. good 1

  13. Excellent video on public speaking skills, thanks JD Jefferys.

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  14. Great speaking takes training. I’ve helped a few people and they quickly grow to love it.

  15. It seems like she’s worked out all her kinks or at least she does a better job at decoding them than most.

  16. I just love to run in to these type experiences in today�s cynical and lost environment.

  17. Didn’t this woman take photographs of Bruce Springstein while he was nude?


    youtube search: 73 Intense Seconds Of My Nightly Passion / Documentary Movie Proposal (need film maker)

  19. she’s a bit too impressed with herself, but i guess that’s expected when so many other people are impressed by you

  20. I really don’t get it

  21. does anyone remember the artists she mentioned in this film.

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  23. I want to be friends with her !

  24. who is he

  25. Wow I seem to agree with her on everything!

  26. 😀 good

  27. god i love this woman

  28. I like her view on gay marriage:
    – Get over it people, it’s not slavery and why would you want to marry someone and inherit their bad credit. lol

  29. @ritter89: “I still enjoy listening to her speak, though.” That’s the point.
    She offers insight, ideas and alternative points of view about society and she does it well. So well, in fact, that many people, myself included, gladly pay her for her effort (ie: lectures, etc). In the land of the free, home of the free market dreamers, what better way to make a living?

  30. as bright as she is…

    i still cant imagine…

    how extensive…

    her collection of…

    strap on dildo’s…she has in her closet or…

    in her nightstand…IS

    i bet she’d love to eat taylor swift…

    dirty old bag…

  31. Fran is an unconventional genius.

  32. Love me some Fran. Way to go Marty.

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