Rethinking the MBA

David Garvin, Harvard Business School professor, explains why business education is at a crossroads.
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  1. @danotic they’re not called coops with mba, its internships. and almost all schools have that including Harvard.

  2. 1-2 years of experience is nothing not only you cant get a job but you cant manage people if you dont have experience from different companies. the best would be 2 years in 3 companies of different industrial sector

  3. B-schools talk a LOT about social responsibility, ethics and values…but then continue to admit students with just 1 or 2 years experience. It may be enough exp for the students to pass the course, but they struggle to find jobs on the other side…2 years experience and an MBA is not a particularly attractive profile for recruiters – certainly in the UK/Eur. Perhaps Harvard and the US are different.

  4. Interesting video. Anyone looking for a nice MBA ranking aggregater should check out:

  5. You want to see a Youtube video of the greatest business class presentation ever made? Check out the Youtube video called:

    Rodney Dangerfield’s First Economics Class

  6. Everybody who goes to business school should not be allowed to graduate unless they see the movie Casino and are able to recite everything Joe Pesci and Robert Deniro have said and done in the movie in regards to running the Casino.

  7. As an MBA student, I would recommend courses that are all about actually running small businesses.

    Courses that make the student engage in entreprenuerial assignments.

    And courses where students learn the various types of businesses, research business opportunities, create business plans, etc.

  8. Plain and simple: People started doubting MBA’s image, so MBA programs started changing their image. A very typical MBA thing to do.

    BTW: MBA programs are very good at teaching the language of business. Like every industry that has been around for a long period of time, business has developed its own culture and language…particularly “big” business.

    Indeed, being able to talk the talk does not equate to walking the walk. Only practice can do that, but having an education is a good start.

  9. i love this clip.

  10. @cinqueottavi u r jealous, she is gorgeous

  11. Why does she have a pen and a writing pad if she is not taking any notes?…

  12. There are a lot of bad people on YouTube by just reading the comments.

  13. for me she looks so stupid,keeping in mind just what she has to ask next ,switching off her brain at the end each question.

  14. This interview is so contrived. Freaking idiot.

  15. 牛逼!

  16. 11:13 for something that can be loosely summed up as “actual training ftw”. even with an actual point, these managerial types talk too much 😀

  17. I’m surprised ppl like the hostess. She sounded a little scripted to me !
    But this guy really nailed it. I wish there were more people like him in b schools.

  18. charming girl.

  19. Sarah may not have a MBA at all, I would still hire her anyways…….:D

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