Scholarship Opportunities,,,Where to Look for Them?

There are many scholarship opportunities available, so never limit yourself to applying for just one. Research as many funding sources as you can, and learn which ones you may qualify for, then apply promptly.

Find at least two search engines with which you’re comfortable–use both to search for scholarship opportunities. Three good examples include, and International students, be sure to search Remember to check the schools that you are applying to. Many schools offer scholarships to students that seek them.

Use your parents/family members! Many companies offer scholarships solely to the children/relatives of employees.

If receiving lots of e-mail from a search engine bothers you, set up a scholarship-only email account. This will keep all of your scholarship information in one place, your regular inbox won’t be overflowing, and when you use your scholarship e-mail, you are more focused on searching for scholarship information.

Organize the information in a way that makes sense to you. For example, when using Fastweb, click on the “deadline” heading to sort the scholarships according to deadline.

Look where you’re going! If you are headed for a specific field, look at the leaders in that field or industry, check their websites for scholarship opportunities. For example, a pre-nursing or pre-med student should check out websites for drug manufacturers or companies that do medical research. Most companies’ websites are searchable. Try searching “scholarships.” If that doesn’t yield results, try “foundation” or “philanthropy.”

You can also check the websites of major companies for scholarship opportunities.

Look at local organizations/groups such as churches and recreational centers

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