Seven Kinds of Smart…..

Dr. Armstrong’s “Seven Kinds of Smart” wrote, researched and developed these approaches to teaching and learning. He believes a person is unique and has uniquely different ways of learning. Different senses use different learning tools for each, or a combination of each. This is a well written summary of the latest information about multiple intelligences.

The basic seven intelligences are:orlando espinosa seven-kinds-of-smart

1) Linguistic Intelligence (words)

2) Logical-mathematical (numbers and logic)

3) Spacial (pictures and images)

4) Musical

5) Bodily-kinesthetic (physical self)

6) Interpersonal (ability to understand and work with others)

7) Intrapersonal (intelligence of the inner self)

This book also introduces two new kinds of smarts:

1) The Naturalist: a person who shows expertise in the recognition and classification of the numerous species-the flora and fauna- of his or her environment.

2) The Existential: intelligence of concern with ultimate life issues (What is life and what’s it all about? Does God exist? Why is there evil and where is humanity headed?).

Everyone has their own style of accessing and absorbing information. This is great reading for people interested in learning more about multiple intelligences and identifying their own kind of “Smarts!”


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