The High School to College Transition

The transition that one goes through from School to college life comes with a mixed bag of emotions. In school you are just too pre-occupied with how to break the rules and become cool among your friends, sleeping in the classes, just freaking out at the thought of holidays and of course the classes, tests, studying just the day before the exams. It was just like a second home and one would just wish that they remain and enjoy there their whole life that was school life. But then the time comes when one gear towards Paul_Conn_Student_Union_(PCSU)_and_Dixon_Center_at_Lee_University_in_Clevelandmaking a grand entry to their college life.

College is a different bet where you have no rules at all you are free to do anything you want and that is where the fun goes missing as breaking the rules had a different feeling. In college one gets involved in the politics and just thinking about the future. But college life is not that boring it comes with its share of fun when one the college festivals are round the corner that is when the whole fun starts. And yes the age-old tradition of ragging comes with it which is quite cool. Then you are just busy attending fresher’s parties and farewell parties.

College really is the best time of your life. It is a time to be involved in everything your college or university will have to offer. When you reach your 30s, you will likely look back at your college experience and wish you really could do it all over again. College is a time when the “cool kids” disappear. Who you eat lunch with does not define you as a person. There is no such thing as “un-cool.” Welcome to college, where you are now considered an adult.

Being a first-year student is fun! Unlike high school, where your first year is usually filled with anxiety and the occasional wrong-classroom mishap, colleges prepare their students to get to know their classmates. Get used to saying “Professor” or “Dr.” Your teachers are no longer Mr. or Ms. Brown, but Professor or Dr. Brown, and guess what? You are expected to have an opinion! You are no longer a passive learner who just sits and listens to a teacher, occasionally writes a paper, and takes a test in which you are expected to simply reiterate what you have learned or been told by the teacher. You will not be provided with notes; rather, you are expected to figure out on your own what’s important.

So just enjoy your trip from school to college which can be life-changing…

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