The Passionate Teacher

The Passionate Teacher is an inspirational and practical guide for teachers to reclaim their classroom as they engage their students through passionate teaching. The excerpts from this book are filled with useful information, in supporting any teacher to be the best teacher they can be. Every teacher has something different to bring to his or her classroom and each teacher has a different teaching style. The information in this book is beneficial to any new teacher who is looking for their voice in their classroom.

The excitement Fried shows in his writing is evident. He really knows what he is talking about. Students need to be challenged and if they are challenged they will perform at their best. What is amazing about this book is that it is a book filled with stories from a variety of classrooms, where the voices of teachers can be heard and can be experienced through their own personal experiences. These are everyday classrooms where these teachers have made a difference because they choose to teach with passion. Fried provides the reader practical suggestions and offers strategies, where they can incorporate passion into their teaching. He identifies with the frustration teachers experience, but he writes with enthusiasm that can lead any teacher who feels as though they are in a slump into a new direction.


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