Tips on Goal Setting

  • Small decisions can have a great impact on you working towards your goal. Remember that your goals are your road maps to success in life. Without them, you can lose your way. Although you can always retrace your steps, you might not have the time, opportunity, energy or resources you once had when you could have made your goals happen one by one.
  • Listen to people who you respect and ask for their advice. Remember, you don’t have to like the person to respect them.
  • Being active in life is most effective. Try visualizing the outcome at a time in the future. It will become apparent that to set definite time in the future is obtainable. That would be the “when”. The “how” comes with gathering information about resources and education. We often have to correct our course but at the same time keep a focus on our vision or dream. To begin a journey starts with a step but I might add, which direction and what footwear. You see, if you must have your eyes set on your vision or the outcome. Upon starting the journey you will encounter objections and self doubt. That is why everyone must develop the habit of the daily motivational in as many forms as being effective to stay focused.
  • Setting HUGE impossible goals, can and will ruin your want or need for goals, that maybe important during your life. So please start small and work your way up!!!
  • Similarly, setting goals that are easily achievable and do not make stretch, are also detrimental and may adversely effect your career growth!!!

ETL Goal Setting

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