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ETL leadershipWhen asking the question what is leadership, and what does it mean?”, I’d have to say that leadership means that you are willing to take on responsibility and make choices for yourself. It’s not a responsibility that was thrust upon you by someone, but a responsibility that you took upon yourself because you believe that you are the best man or woman for the job. And once you make this choice for yourself you automatically have no other option but to become a leader.

And another great point about leadership is that an effective leader needs to be able to create more leaders on his or her team. You want to be able to have the people following you stand up and get noticed so they in turn have other people following them while a chain of responsibility and cohesiveness forms so you create a well oiled machine.

Another trait that helps define the question “what is leadership?”, is that a leader needs to possess the ability to see certain things that others can’t.

A leader has to be a visionary because it takes someone of this magnitude to be able to shape the world in the image that they believe it needs to be changed into.

One example of an incredible leader who possessed a vision further than most people could ever imagine going is Christopher Columbus. He dreamed of another world and believed it so strongly that he stood up to so much criticism and doubt that it’s surprising that he followed through with his adventure to the Americas. That’s the definition of a strong leader in my opinion. Someone who can grow a thick skin and let all of the criticisms that people had about his plans just bounce right off of him while he stayed focused on his goal and never faltered.

Most people often feel like they are threatened when they think about what is leadership. They get scared when somebody stands out in the crowd and does things that are different from the norm. Because that’s what happens when you are leader. You stand out instead of blending in and that really scares people sometimes.

Another excellent quality that defines what is leadership is that a leader usually has a strong opinion but they always stick to it. They do not compromise and they don’t lose focus either. It’s important to keep your head in the game when you are an effective leader, so you can’t lose focus at any time or your competitor will take advantage of you and feed off of your mishaps. You certainly don’t want that to happen when you are the captain of the ship so to speak. You have to bring your A game every day when you step up and take charge in a leadership role. There’s no room for slacking off and there’s no room for making too many mistakes.

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