Where can I find Scholarships?

High School Guidance Counselors – Counselor should be able to provide you with information regarding many scholarships. In addition to national scholarships, be sure to ask about local scholarship opportunities that may have a much smaller applicant pool.

College or University – Research the college’s website/catalog and financial aid office for information regarding scholarships they offer. A school may award these automatically when you are admitted or you may have to apply separately. Make sure you also contact them to ensure you are award of scholarships that may not be listed.

Online – Free scholarship search engines are the quickest way to search for scholarship opportunities. Once you provide a profile about yourself, you will be matched with scholarships you may be eligible to receive. Most of these search engines offer a large database of scholarships.

Local Business – Offer scholarships give provide students the ability to acquire funding for their college education without having to compete with a large number of applicants in nationwide programs. Check with business owners in your neighborhood to see if they have scholarship programs available.

Local Libraries – Visit the college resource section of your library. You should find a great selection of scholarship books in addition to other information related to the college application process.

Employers (Yours or Parents) – If you work, your employer may offer scholarship opportunities that you can take advantage of. Additionally, many businesses and corporations offer scholarships to employees and their children.

Public and Private Organizations – Many community service organizations, churches and national foundations offer scholarships. Some are based on financial need, but many others are based on academics, leadership, special talent, community service, or heritage. Others offer aid to students majoring in fields related to the company’s products or services. Check out every option. Do your own search and don’t forget to research those organizations with which you or your parents are affiliated.

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